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Random acts of peace
Every Little Peace Matters
Grab a Sharpie and do a Peace Doodle!
...what will YOU do today?

Peace can start small, and every single act of Peace matters. Maybe you don't have the time or energy to make a huge impact on Peace today...but maybe you can still commit some Little Act of Peace. And you can pass it on...right here. Brainstorm it at the dinner table and add your ideas here. Check this page daily...we think it's gonna be something we can all learn from and add to! 

6/15/11 1:54 AM
4/2/11 7:32 PM
2/2/11 11:36 PM
10/31/10 12:34 PM
10/27/10 8:55 PM
10/24/10 7:23 PM
9/27/10 12:44 PM
jeuel P.O: 
1/29/10 12:02 PM
9/9/09 11:25 PM
2/2/09 8:09 AM
WorldWalk - Peacetour Around The Earth: 

I'd like to introduce you WorldWalk - Peacetour Around The Earth project. A short citation from their info site:

WorldWalk Team Backpacking around the world on foot in six years. This means 25.000 miles (40.000 km) on five continents: Europe, Africa, the Americas, Australia and Asia. Two brothers—Ferenc and István Ivanics—walk 15-25 miles a day to reach their goal: to arrive home. To arrive home after going around our planet Earth, to arrive home after meeting many different people in many countries. People who live in different cultures, in different environments. People who have one very important common wish: peace. Peace, that is the final goal of the WorldWalk project. And the key is friendship and brotherhood, this is the message they'd like to share, try to tell everybody, every person living on our mother Earth.

They - and their background supporter - maintain the WorldWalk-Peacetour blog. This is updated at least ones a week, you can find here thought about peace, trip reports, funny stories etc. There are many WEB2.0 services available from the blog: assorted photos on Flickr, and some geotagged photo on panoramio, maps on Google maps, videos on youtube, social networks such as facebook and myspaces etc. Please, visit this blog, and help us to build up a community, subscribe on RSS feed, leave a comment, share your opinion about it. Express your solidarity and respect, it is very important for the walking brothers.
11/2/08 2:02 PM
interesting, i'll be back later http://recompostaj: 
5/14/08 4:00 AM
@ Alex and Melinda
Welcome to OMPS! Keep on spreading Peace!

4/20/08 12:58 AM
Alex and Melinda.: 
 Hey guys, I like the idea of what you guys are doin here... but buying peace "jewlery" and flashin peace signs does not have any real  impact on anyone or anything, there is so much needed and so much wrong, you should call this "random acts of "change"  Not of peace, because we need CHANGE in things, and Peace has no real meaning or definition anymore, it's really an opinion,but change is something everyone has an idea on, and something that can be workied on in so many fields.
 Now Anyway, the real "act" I am tryin to talk about here, Is anyone aware of the "mental illness" fraud goin on right now? they are creating so many mental illnesses it's sick, nd trying right now to make it a law that every minor will be FORCED to be mentally evaluated through school, that means early every human in America will be druged for just simply being human beings, and the thought of a future like this just because there is money to be made from it by the suits is just sickening, a world where people are no longer just that,PEOPLE! If a protest was needed to prevent this, I would defidently do it, to preotect out youth, and our people. If anyone here realy cares about peace, or any other cause, than you could see just how im portant this issue is. If you would like more info about it, Out myspace is  Please contact us, if you would like to help, or have any ideas.
3/20/08 8:06 PM
How about adding a peace photo from OMPS as a screensaver on your computer and take one as a screenshot for your phone too. Pass it on between your cubicles and make a peace office.
3/11/08 9:24 PM
peace grrl: 
I just bought some peace jewelry for myself and for my girlfriend right here on One Million Peace Signs. I'll get frowns from the uptight people in my neighborhood but I'm used to that. Why doesn't someone make a yellow peace sign ribbon i can put on MY car.
3/7/08 1:31 PM
Just flash the peace sign at people and see what they do. You'll get a smile or a glare or a peace sign back at you.
3/2/08 5:56 PM
I confess, I'm the one who drew that peace sign on the bathroom stall door.
3/1/08 12:33 PM

Got my toes done today :)  Peace Sign Big Toes. Wearing Sandals as my Little Act of Peace Today. And Tomorrow. When I get my nails done there will be peace on all 10 and I'll send you guys a picture. Anyone else got Peace Toes?

2/29/08 1:47 PM
Speak YOUR Peace: 
I changed my cell phone ringtone to John Lennon's "Give Peace a Chance," and have it at high volume. Now I don't feel bad when my phone rings in public and it worth the price of $1.99-people smile and sing along!
2/28/08 4:39 PM
honk for peace: 

Any time you see someone holding up a Honk for Peace sign, HONK! That's a little thing we can all do, and it means a lot to the people who are out there holding up the signs. Even better would be to go and hold a sign with them. Almost as good but not quite would be to take a picture of a person holding a sign and send it to OMPS with your thoughts on peace.

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